Sunday, 31 July 2016

Harcus Sinclair Solicitors Scandal / Qualified Privilege Disclosures

I have an ethical and moral duty to exercise the rights of Qualified Privilege with regard to this law firm in order to tell the truth, in self-defence and to warn others about harm or danger.

The truth is that Harcus Sinclair do not play by the ethical rules that govern their profession and use unfair means against litigants including threats of jail or loss, failing to honour proper pre-action protocol procedures, telliing lies of omissions in Court, general abuse, undermining peoples rights to a fair trail, signing off statements as true knowing they are false and supporting potential miscarriages of justice - not to mention threatening people with jail at Christmas.

I have seen much documentary evidence that shows me that Harcus Sinclair are lacking in integrity, represent cheats and fraudsters, and attempt the same (cheating and fraud) in order to advance their position in the world of London law.
Harcus Sinclair have already been told that karma does not make exceptions, and a firm who believe they can lend a helping hand to conspiring to cause the death of a Spiritual Master - or to obtain money from one by way of fraud or deception - and somehow get away with it, are mistaken. The karmic consequence of such an act is loss, detriment and the intervention of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, who may penalize some of Harcus Sinclairs associates. Were I to be harmed in any way, then significant numbers of deadman switches will simply push this firm into scandal.

I have many legal priviliges, as well as the love and wisdom of the Higher Source that allow me to make statements to prevent harm or danger, or to prevent crime, or in self defence, or in the public interest as well as fair and honest criticism of public officials (including solicitors). This falls under Qualified Privilege.

Absolute Privilege is also something I have, by way of a Higher Power.

This is because I am aware of a threat to humanity that will result in significant losses of human life on a continental scale (40-60% of humanity lost). I was sent to Earth to assist in that matter and when the wellbeing of so many humans is on the line - there is a Higher Power that gives me special protection and causes catastrophic damage to dishonest parties intent on interfering with my work, usually because all that is of impure ethics (including hurting people, abusing litigants in person, cheating, lying and threatening Spiritual Masters) rises to the fore for healing AND because of the damage done to the wellbeing of the human race as a whole.

Harcus Sinclair also specialize in dishonesty and deception.
Some of their associates tell lies to the High Court, its Judges and its Masters.

So the aforementioned is the 'harm or danger' - namely that one may be jailed or suffer severe loss - or even be imprisoned wrongly if they do not yield to the demands made by certain associates of Harcus Sinclair.

They also have friends in 'Chambers' (aka 5 Raymond Buildings / 5RB) who lie, fabricate cases based on intimidation and fear, violate their own ethical codes of practice - or tell blatent lies to mislead judges and the legal system as a whole.

David Hirst - 5RB (Dishonesty, Misrepresentation, Threats)
There is a difference between zealous advocacy and plain abusive immoral and unethical behaviour.

The latter is of impure intent, and any lawfirm(s) threatening a Spiritual Master to admit to things he did not do under threat of jail or loss - or being labelled in public as a man of bad integrity - or to try and force them into telling black lies to support immoral and even criminal behaviour - is certainly asking to be ethically purified and investigated by the regulatory bodies that oversee their work.

Those investigations will begin shortly and any findings made public in the interests of the moral evolution of the legal justice system and those who serve it.

As I have the right to defend myself, to warn others about a harm or danger and to tell the truth - I am in essence immune from suit as long as I am ethically responsible in what I disclose and in that instance, Harcus Sinclair would thus be fully responsible for any losses.

Caution is advised with this lawfirm as they are dishonest and ethically impure. They also use barristers implicated in debasement, dishonesty and other scandals who make threats to try and force defendants into making perjerous statements in order to advance the agendas of dishonesty and moral turpitude.

They take on cases from clients who are involved in shady, unethical, cheaty and dishonest behaviour - or connected with dishonest celebrities - and thus cause their own problems by taking on 'dirty work' so to speak.

For evidence of that, visit:-

In addition, Harcus Sinclair and their associates lent a helping hand to some shady individuals intent on causing my death - and tried threatening me with prison if I did not lie to help a company involved in deception, fraud, misrepresentation and more - generally considered unwise behaviour in the presence of a Spiritual Master.

Edward Parkes Harcus Sinclair
Dishonesty, Duplicity, Misrepresentation, Ethics Violations

As a result Harcus Sinclair discovered that there is a Higher Power that repels such intent, and causes severe detriment and a strong manifestation of karma. Indeed, it is impossible to override the ethical programming of a Spiritual Master, and those who try, find that it is their ethics that is brought into the limelight for the public to see.

Harcus Sinclair also know very well that suppressing information (about how Harcus Sinclair aid and abet fraud and misrepresentation - and lie to the High Court Judges and Masters) that is clearly in the public interest is a criminal offence - as is subornation.

They would also do well to understand the Streisand Effect and what it can do.

Harcus Sinclair / Edward Parkes Rip Off Report

Harcus Sinclair have now discovered I am immune from suit by way of a Higher Power (something that may have no legal precedent) and instead are on a path to embarassing themselves beyond comprehension for not telling the truth and losing their prestige as a boutique law firm.

This is because as an Emissary of Source (see Mission Statement) - I am aware of a threat to humanity that will result in a death toll of 3-4 billion (40-60% of the human race) in the near future and am incarnated into a body to assist humanity in the event of that disaster.

You Tube Video about the Matter

Video Description - Spiritual Master Free Spirit shares a message to the Human Race as an Emissary of Source. The Truth about Biosphere Collapse, ETs, climate change and imminent ecological catastrophe.
Why Planet Earth is dying and the human race is in existential crisis. The role of ETs in enabling some to leave the Earth prior to these events.
Biosphere Collapse is coming 2017/2018 with Human Extinction at point 2022-2025.
Runaway climate change has already begun resulting in a planetwide continental cleansing and the end of all human life on Earth. Why the process cannot be stopped and the spiritual implications of being incarnated on a dying world.
As a result, I have the protection from the Source itself and cannot be harmed by Harcus Sinclair - but the self-defensive karmic rebound (amplified by a large factor) will certainly cause scandal for Harcus Sinclair as well as detriment and loss - the only outcome of behaving in such a manner.

In fact, the behaviour of their Client may well be shortening humanity's remaining time by way of abusing the sacred sites, which can amplify climatic disturbances and accelerate extinction level processes. This is because I understand how the sacred sites work and they have been heavily polluted and damaged by 20-30 years of dark work and abuse at the sacred sites - with the blessing of Gregg Braden.

For evidence, visit:-

Law firms are not exempt from the forces of karma and moral purification and it is reasonable to assume they are in dispute with me as they have some moral and ethical issues that need straightening out in the presence of a Spiritual Master, and they have by way of their conduct asked to be Transformed by Source (aka ethically purified/learning the importance of telling the truth and not being dishonest). 

Thus not only do I have moral justifications to say what I like (as long as it is true) and to repel any interferences (including law-firms) - but I also cannot be harmed as a Higher Power has already decreed my Victory and gives visions to assist in that matter.

Thus messing with me was not so wise and they now in all likelihood regret the mistake.

Harcus Sinclair (and their client) as a result have been billed GBP 1 million for lessons in truth and integrity in business and legal dealings as well as for damages to the work of a Spiritual Master.

For more information about the justification for such damages, visit:-

If you look to Harcus Sinclair to resolve a legal matter, you may end up paying them lots of money and end up with a worse situation, for their 'incisive style' approach may backfire.

There are more honest legal firms in London with better ethical standards..

I can also make a prophecy (Harcus Sinclair are already aware of my ability to foresee the future accurately).

I foresee Harcus Sinclair experiencing a significant downsizing, some of its partners disciplined for breaking the rules, a loss of reputation and clientele, heavy embarassment, heavy losses - in money and in clientele, media coverage, fines and penalties from the regulatory bodies, the resignation of those responsible - followed by a long overdue apology to myself - and of course, the payment of my settlement that the Higher Power of Source has decreed I will receive.
I confirm the above is the truth and made under the privileges of Absolute/Qualified Privileges that make me immune to suit in this matter.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Power Places Tours and Gregg Braden Billed US $1.5 Million in consultation fees and damages for interfering with the work of an Emissary of Source

I am a Spiritual Teacher named Free Spirit and have the moral responsibility to make full disclosures in this matter so that others may not be harmed - and for reasons that will be explained - for the welfare of the spiritual evolution of the entire human race.

I swear upon Source (that guides my work) that everything here is true and nothing but true. 

I bear no ill-will, but am morally obligated to reflect spiritual lessons when moral necessity requires it and with regard to my work, this matter also impacts the welfare of several billion humans at the time of biosphere collapse.

I was threatened with prison by Power Places Tours and their associates if I did not retract my online disclosures and say they were false. Power Places Tours falsified evidence in a Court case. 

I was bullied and threatened behind the scenes to tell black lies to protect the unethical agendas of Power Places Tours (and Gregg Braden) - who lends a helping hand to the behaviour by endorsing them highly, despite their track record of causing people losses and trying to abuse, sue, threaten or blacken the reputations of high level transformational speakers, 

Of course, I am past the karma of being bullied - and the following sharing illustrates why trying to bully Spiritual Masters is not such a good idea.

Background : 

I am Free Spirit – an Emissary of Source. I am human, yet am also an Emissary (representative) of an advanced alien race that will visit the sacred sites that Power Places Tours operate at (as well as elsewhere on Earth) during 2017.

In essence, I am an inter-dimensional time traveller for I have also come here from several million years into the future. 

I incarnate on planets that face immiment biosphere and/or societal collapse and offer assistance on a planetary level when instructed by Source.

The truth is that after 20+ years of refining spiritual understanding coupled with a strong connection with other worldly beings I have come to understand that I am here as an Emissary of an advanced alien race who will soon make their reality known to humanity (for more information about that visit

It would appear that I have the ability to see into the future with an ever increasing degree of intensity and clarity.

I understand that in less years than can be counted on one hand, catastrophe will befall the Earth – of a cause that will render the entire planet unable to support human life in a short number of months or years following. 

As to the specifics, I do not know the exact cause  – but at some point and with little warning, an event will occur that will result in the death of perhaps 20-40% of the entire human race in a single strike and instigate a major planetary crisis as more departures then ensue.

Of course, it will be a time of pain and difficulty for the human race.  I understand the event cannot be stopped or averted.

At the same time, alien Visitors from another world will visit the Earth to offer the opportunity for deeper understanding and transcendance. It will become apparent that humans are not alone in the Universe and their appearance will offer some consolation.

My role as the Emissary of those Visitors will be to explain to humanity their intentions and to speak to the human race at that time. I am trained in such matters and in previous incarnations have been a witness to similar events and thus can handle such a reality. Of course, not everyone will believe me or be able to handle the appearance of the Visitors, nor is it my job to interfere in the free will of human beings.

Thus only those who are receptive in themselves will find my work of any use. I have ruled out the many causes that could lead me to be mistaken and thus have spent a lot of time in silence becoming clearer on the matter. Nor am I any God or Saviour of humanity, but I understand that I have the innate capacity to offer some understanding to the human race at that time.

Of course, there will be a biosphere collapse and in my understanding it will be in 2017. Of course, many human lives will be lost and I am the only one with the spiritual understanding to offer any kind of understanding to the human race so that they can handle it. 

I do not profess to be a Saviour, but certainly have the capacity to nudge millions of human beings upwards through the reincarnational cycle and thus I can offer humanity much hope.

However, my work was interfered with by Power Places Tours and thus they are karmically responsible for interfering in the work of an Emissary of Source, preventing humanity from being exposed to my work and they are also interfering with the energy sites which can destabilize the energies of the entire planetary grid = not to mention abusing and cheating customers and transformational speakers planetwide.

Thus I have no option but to tell the truth, set the record straight, put a stop to the behaviour and to claim my rightfully deserved compensation which will be used to offset the damage done and gift large amounts of work to humanity - that it would have had previously - had my work have not been interfered with.

Thus Power Places Tours have interfered with - and sought to retard the spiritual evolution of humanity. Once they then threaten the only person that can help humanity to come to terms with a collapse by conspiring to cause their death, ruin their work and to jail them after having taken their money - of cause there is karma.

It is karma that explains their predicament and that will remain for they are in karmic debt to me. In truth, they may not recover from their mistake in this lifetime, but the Source insists that the matter is addressed to my satisfaction.

I also have the duty to tell the truth, and if I am threatened with detriment, loss and prison for doing so - it is clear that the truth must actually be told.

I was invited by Power Places Tours to the Transform at the Source event in the Yucatan in December 2012 which also included entry to the Yucatan Pyramid on December 21st 2012. The Source represents ethical purity and karmic healing and this (combined with the fact I clearly represent Source) gives me the supreme authority to have the final say on this matter.

I was to deliver a speech at the event. In the run up to the event, I found Power Places Tours were involved in abuse, cheating people, defrauding people, desecrating the sacred sites with dark rituals, interfering with the sites for immoral purposes and using them to harm people.

Simultaneously, I wrote a book called Keys to Immortality which speaks about Truth and Integrity as a prerequisite for any 'transformation', which also referred to my ability to see through deceptions and lies. Because of this, I was threatened behind the scenes and forced to withdraw (whilst they withheld US $7,392 of monies paid). 

I was told that bad things would happen to me if I spoke up, including a defamation suit.

During 2013-2015, I was stalked and harassed by 'friends' of Power Places Tours - up to no good themselves including forgery, stalking, making threats and labelling my partner sick and twisted in public for no good cause. Those individuals have long retreated back into the shadows as most people are wise enough to retreat if they are up to no good and Source makes its presence known.

During 2012, I became aware that a lower astral channeller had entered a sacred tomb in Egypt, disturbed it, picked up a lower astral energy and then planned to implant it into the Yucatan Pyramid on December 21st 2012. Of course, this was going to be a terrible metaphysical disaster.

I told them so several times (and foresaw the PR crisis) but they ignored it as they did not believe in karma and instead tried to bully me off the tour and then took my money - threatening me with bad consequences if I spoke up.

It then transpired that 7 other employees had much to say about working for Power Places Tours and alluded to abuse, cheating, stealing, fraudulent surcharges and ripping people off.

I was also not the only transformational teacher who made losses although I am surely the one that will put an end to it.

Several other transformational teachers were ripped off and suffered big losses. Some won their lawsuits, but as the Directors live offshore in St Croix, they ignored the judgments as I understand money can be hidden there and not be declared to the IRS or the authorities.

The total losses caused to customers and speakers over many years totals around half a million USD.

Here is the evidence:-

As a Spiritual Teacher and an Emissary of Source responsible for the integrity of the Planetary Grid - and being a witness to so much abuse by people claiming to be expert metaphysicians (despite not having learned the basic lessons of honesty, truth, integrity and ethical responsibility) - I was duty bound to intervene - and so I spoke up.

Gregg Bradens press office in 2013 claimed there was no scandal, but people being abused, cheated, threatened and caused major losses - certainly qualifies as a scandal, when combined with the fact that Gregg Braden receives free trips from the proceeds of the abuse of customers.

He also continues to lure more fans to his tours with Power Places Tours, knowing that people would be abused, cheated, harmed, etc - so of course his own integrity is also in serious question.

I can testify I spoke to many of his fans who had been abused, cheated and caused losses. Some of them were almost ruined by the ensuing SLAPP lawsuits - designed to force cheated customers into handing over more. 

So, they tried suing me (after silencing everyone else - hence the delay) and the effect was catastrophic for their business which is now beyond repair.

They falsified evidence, enlisted stalkers, tried hacking my websites and enlisted others involved in various abuses to give false evidence.

I was threatened with prison at Christmas (2015) and the Directors of Power Places Tours lied to Court as well as finding lawyers would would do the dirty work (who are now being investigated for ethics violations).

The supreme defence to the matter is that I have qualified privilege and the moral responsibility to tell the truth - even when threatened with prison - a threat which has now been wisely withdrawn. 

They have now been exposed globally for New Age dishonesty and abuses of the sacred sites.

Of course, I had to stand up for myself. They invoked my response by asking to be Transformed at Source (which means ethically purifying themselves, entering into integrity, respecting the sacred sites and making good their mistakes by refunding those who they cheated).

In addition, Transforming at Source means making good for the damage done to an Emissary of Source in terms of loss of exposure, loss of income as well as paying for the high-level spiritual consultation elicited.

Power Places Tours have now been invoiced for GBP 1 Million (USD $1.5 million) for consultation fees and damages by myself.

The reasons why the figure is so high are as follows:-

Firstly it is necessary to understand that I was invited to a Transformation at the Source Event in Dec 2012. That event was designed to facilitate high level transformation and thus Power Places Tours invoked the metaphysical power of Source. 

It follows they asked to be transformed and asked me to be the mirror for that transformation.

I too, am the representative of Source. Source is about ethical purity and telling the truth.

That fact is self evident in books published in 2010 and 2011 (predating the event). My mission statement also clarifies that I am a representative of 'Source' and both (the mission statement and the books) can be found on my website at

So it is clear that I am a representative of Source with extremely important messages for the human race and that was interfered with (and with ill-intent), to the degree much exposure was lost, both by not being able to promote my books at the event - and due to time lost dealing with a SLAPP suit.

Secondly - it is necessary to understand that many people experienced losses at the hands of the unethical practices at Power Places Tours. That cannot be disputed, for the evidence is overwhelming. 

Losses were incurred by other transformational speakers (in one case US $60,000), many customers who lost fortunes defending cases and being forced into silence by SLAPP suits -  and indeed by myself spending 3 years giving Power Places Tours the lesson in Truth and Integrity they invited.

Thirdly - Transformation at Source clearly implies making good for one's mistakes. If a company has caused losses totalling almost a million (or perhaps more) to multiple parties (when loss of time, income, money and legal fees are factored in) - making good for that mistake and becoming ethically purified in the presence of Source naturally means that those who have cheated must give back the money as it was not rightfully theirs to take.

In spiritual terms - this is karmic balancing.

Fourthly - As I am an Emissary of Source, asked to give the lesson invited by their behaviour, it naturally follows that a full learning of the lesson is to correct the mistake and make the necessary reparations - and to me as I am the one that had to put a stop to the abuse and spend three years doing so.

The million will then be used for the greater good of humanity, to offset the loss of exposure and as a result humanity will be gifted a large body of my transformational work.

It is fair, and could be seen as poetic justice - defined as "an outcome in which vice is punished and virtue rewarded usually in a manner peculiarly or ironically appropriate"

I have no ill-will to Power Places Tours - but in the end they have to make good for their 10-20 years of abusing people and making good means making the appropriate reparations.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I have the legal right to charge for spiritual lessons solicited and I also set the rates. The legal arguments are sound and hence they have retracted their threats.

Of course, I must be ethically responsible when billing someone such an amount - and take all factors into account (including the humanitarian ones as well as that of my own losses) and having done so, it sits right with Source that I am paid the million.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I cannot let such behaviour go unaccounted for, and certainly not allow myself to be degraded, bullied, cheated or subjected to loss and detriment for standing up to that abuse - or be prevented from being a useful spiritual teacher to humanity. 

Power Places Tours (and indeed Gregg Braden) are now indebted to me for the sum of GBP 1 Million as a result of their behaviour and thus this may go down as the most expensive spiritual lesson in human history.

How they share the cost is down to them - but the amount is now past due.

I understand they will now pay it without further dispute to say sorry for their mistakes and thus there can be a closure to the dispute. I will then be free to do my work without interference and the settlement will be used for the spiritual benefit of humanity at what are challenging times for the human race - in ways I deem appropriate.

It also serves as a salutary reminder of the importance of truth and integrity if one is world famous, for failings in those areas become greatly magnified and reversing the damage is difficult, if not impossible.

This is the cause for what will make me famous once this New Age scandal blows (and imminently) as well as for me making legal history for defeating a lawsuit single handed and without lawyers - as well as for manifesting a respecting settlement which will cover the expenses involved in me speaking to the human race later in the year.

I was threatened with prison and had my work intentionally interfered with for some years, but those threats have now been withdrawn as those involved have chosen a wiser path.

This will undoubtedly go down as the most expensive spiritual lesson in human history and cause a huge ruccus in the New Age movement where truth and integrity is a scarce commodity.

This disclosure also serves as a warning to the dangers of dealing with Power Places Tours although once they have acknowledged this important lesson (invited by their conduct) - if they can recover - I doubt they will repeat the mistake (interfering with the work of Source) and instead embrace the unconditional love and forgiveness that Source offers to those who are sincerely sorry. 

It also goes to show that once one is plugged into Source, it is possible to defeat any ill-intent.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Truth about Rapid Sea Level Rise – Biosphere Collapse and Runaway Climate Change

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Leaking Arctic Methane and Catastrophic Global Warming - A Warning to Humanity

The Northern Polar Cap on our world has passed tipping point and this matter now brings an almost 100% certainty of an ELE (Extinction Level Event) - whether it happens suddenly or over a few years. Most of the summer polar ice has now melted, warming the ocean and disrupting climate patterns which results in weird or extreme weather planet-wide.

A polar cap has a purpose in nature, to regulate temperature, ocean currents and atmospheric circulation. To cause its melting is to remove a MASSIVE regulatory mechanism that as we will see, prevents methane from being released prematurely. Methane is the product of very old decaying matter (plants and trees from long ago) and is trapped predominantly within several meters of the surface in the Arctic Tundra and in the form of frozen methane hydrates on the Arctic sea bed. It is ordinarily locked into permafrost and thus is held in an inert state.

Only global warming (or an asteroid striking the sea bed) can release what otherwise would be held safely by nature. There are billions of tonnes of methane stored there. It is many times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas and most importantly amplifies warming dramatically in the short term.

The methane in the permafrost is already leaking. Huge blowholes appear from time to time, occurring when trapped methane melts and then explodes creating a huge crater. More and more of them are appearing, both on land and in the sea. There is a methane pall in the atmosphere around the North Pole moving ever further south.
methane blowhole

The leaking cannot be stopped, simply because there is a lag between emissions and warming and thus humanity is already committed to a 3-4 degree warming (currently at around 1 degree). In a 3-4 degree world, most of the methane melts and humanity dies. 

The trouble is that the North Pole has already warmed by 3-4 degrees (ahead of the rest of the planet). The warming has occurred where the methane is and the disappearance of the sea ice (from 2016 onwards) will certainly increase methane melt on the seabed. This is really bad news for humanity for this is indicative of a rapidly destabilizing pole. Vast amounts of methane could be released at any time. Methane releases in the Arctic Tundra (on land) cause regional warmings and a dispersal of greenhouse gas methane throughout the atmosphere. This is already happening and methane emissions are spiking.

There is enough methane in the melting Tundra permafrost alone to end all life here.
Controlling CO2 emissions then becomes a pointless exercise, for CO2 is tame (with a time lag between emissions and warming). Methane causes almost instant warming and will push the world into a 5-12 degree Celsius temperature increase (with the extinction level threshold reached at around 4 degrees).

What many people do not know is it can do that in the same number of years.
Methane is also melting undersea off the coast of Greenland and its glaciers are in rapid melt (which will raise sea level by 7 metres and cause half of humanity to have to relocate to higher ground).

Thus in as little as 5 years, humanity could be facing runaway warming (even with deforestation, ocean acidification, Fukashima and everything else aside!)

It is a mathematical certainty that it will have happened 10 years from now. The chances of humanity avoiding extinction is very close to zero. Global warming is non-linear and the historical records show periods where the Earth has warmed by 5-6 degrees in 10 years in the past.

There is nothing predictable about a species having such a huge ecological effect on a planet. There is no precedent in human history. The initial signs would be outrageous weather anomalies, huge freakish storms, non-existent winters, extreme floods and of course a spike in atmospheric methane. We have already seen these signs and they are evidently present.
The North Pole sea ice would then disappear in summer (expected in 2016) causing further uncontrollable polar warming.

How it then plays out depends on the scale of methane release.

‘Small’ (albeit significantly larger than to date) repeated releases into the sea from the sea bed would cause small tsunamis (of say 2-5 metres high) that would inundate coastal cities in the Northern Hemisphere. It would do the same damage as a storm surge or Hurricane Sandy did except on a wider scale and it would be enough to draw humanity’s attention - for the waves would recede to leave a vast amount of dead and rotting marine life behind.

Rising sea levels is also a major issue.Once runaway warming kicks in, one can expect many metres of sea level rise to happen very quickly.

There is no limit to how many ‘small’ events there may be, but once there has been one, more would rapidly follow and thus there would be many inundations, enough to cause massive disruption and to spark an economic collapse (which in itself would claim 4 billion+ lives due to famine and societal breakdown as well as triggering wars)

In this scenario, humanity would have around 5-10 years (at best) for the economic collapse will overtake biosphere collapse in terms of mortality rates. 

Most of humanity would be wiped out by the societal impacts long before climate change reaches its end stages and leaves the entire planet incapable of supporting life. Warming of the Northern Hemisphere would be swift (3 – 4 degrees in 5 years) but not super-swift and thus humanity could continue to exist for some years albeit with extreme disruption.

A larger methane release is a different story.

Even a sudden release of just 1% of the methane in the Tundra would make humanity extinct.

In this scenario (which many scientists think could occur at any time) a vast amount of methane is released at once and humanity is virtually wiped out within a matter of weeks. This vast methane store is predominantly contained in the top 3 metres of permafrost. It is melting now. The process has begun and can worsen without warning.

7% of the Earth’s surface (as tundra) is in the process of turning into one super-massive methane swamp of staggering size which will become the world’s number one emissions source as well as the becoming the biggest source of leaking toxic gases that are totally incompatible with life.

No animal or human will be able to live there. Towns, roads and trees will sink into the mud as it worsens (it is already happening in places) and vast numbers of people will have to abandon their lives there.

The explosive force of a massive 50 GT release would knock anyone off their feet (planet-wide) and would be akin to a magnitude 11 or 12 earthquake. The whole planet would tremble. At ground-zero there would be an almost incomprehensible fireball and a blast wave travelling at the speed of sound radiating in all directions. Billions of trees (and many humans) are wiped out instantly and there are vast firestorms that suck all the oxygen out of the air.

Should the blast happen underwater (as can happen) there would be skyscraper height tsunamis that would destroy every coastal city within hours and billions of marine animals would be killed instantly. Vast tracts of sea would become a lifeless, toxic, stinking and stagnant body of water. Plankton die off would cause a massive release of toxic gases. The toxic emissions of hydrogen sulphide gas from the sea would drift into cities and far inland, overwhelming and killing millions very quickly.

A vast hole would be blown in the ozone layer, for the blast is far more powerful than any nuclear weapon – allowing vast amounts of harmful UV through the atmosphere. 

In all likelihood, any Voyager witnessing this would not be able to discern it from an asteroid strike for the effects on the planet are very similar, yet a large methane release is mathematically certain to happen in the short term (any time from now) whereas an asteroid impact in the short term is extremely unlikely.

Human mortality would be caused by the shockwave, the tsunamis, fire-storms and from societal collapse (famines, unrest, war, water shortages, etc). Survivors would have to contend with the most extreme storms, further methane releases, tsunamis and societal collapse. Once the toxic gases circulate, no human or animal will be able to breathe and death would be hard to avoid.

Trees would drop their leaves, plants would die off, birds would be falling out of the sky, vast rainfall deluges would become biblical in nature and almost every single human would be in a state of extreme existential crisis.

There would be nowhere on Earth to escape the severe effects of such an ecological disaster.

All life on Earth would be dead within a matter of months, save for perhaps a few hardy bacteria and cockroaches. Nothing in the sea would survive the toxic gases. Ocean circulation and oxygenation stops and 70% of the Earth’s surface becomes a vast stinking mass of dead water. Cities are abandoned, crops fail and humanity implodes. The death wave would spare nothing. Biodiversity is destroyed. The Earth becomes a dead world.

Over 10-50 million years the climate gradually restores itself (if the warming does not turn Earth into a Venus world) and biodiversity returns (absent of humans). There would be no trace that humans ever existed here, save for in the fossil records.

Alien explorers from the future may be surprised at the sheer number of fossilized skeletal remains, but the buildings and all traces of our mark on the surface will have been permanently erased.

Thus it becomes apparent that a major problem is on the horizon and we are in physical bodies among a population of 7 billion (on route to 10-11 billion) on a small planet with finite resources and our civilization is on the brink of imminent biosphere collapse.

Humans may claim we can adapt, however, biological evolution is a very slow process. Even with an ELE event aside, humans still cannot adapt fast enough to a warming world to survive. The conditions for human life will disappear - even with a modest 2-3 degree rise in global temperature. The aforementioned rise will permanently flood all of our cities along with vast sections of agricultural land. Conditions would become nightmarish and humanity would experience an ongoing apocalyptic reality even if the methane was not leaking.

Even if the warming were slow (as per conventional models) there would still be no way that humanity could possibly avoid a huge 90-95% population crash for global warming is non-linear and there is also the matter of the time lag between emissions and warming. There is also the matter of 450 nuclear power stations built at sea level. Even a modest 5 metre sea level rise will cause massive problems as Fukashima has illustrated. They are not designed to run under water nor can one just shut down 450 nuclear power stations and let the sea swallow them up.  Even if decommissioning started right now, humanity is out of time.

Sooner or later, in this century – whether humans are here or not – at least 450 nuclear cores (some stations have several) will meltdown and start boring through the Earth’s crust and/or emptying out radiation in the sea, soil or air that will take many thousands of years or more to dissipate. Nothing can survive that scenario and Earth becomes a Venus-like heavily irradiated sterile world.

Readers will come to see that given all the above - collapse is a certainty. Those who are wise and know will turn their attention to the inner work in order to understand the meaning of being incarnated in such a reality.

Readers having got to this point will understand that there are two options. Either to accept fate and thus resign oneself to the fact that there is no way out of the dilemma (and thus to carry on as normal) or to look toward leaving the Earth.

Logic would determine that leaving the Earth is the only option if one is to avoid being a witness to massive human suffering on a global scale.

Voyager by Spiritual Master Free Spirit
There are many other worlds that are habitable and there are means to get there that many humans are not able to understand. Given that leaving the Earth cannot happen in the near-term (the nearest habitable worlds are at least 50 light years away and current spacecraft even if they could endure the whole journey, would take almost a million years to get there) – one must look to matters of metaphysics and the transcendance of time and space to become open to other possibilities.

My most recent book Voyager – A Gateway to the Stars – is a transmission of extremely high-level understanding – most suited for Starseeds, those who astral travel regularly and those aligned to Spiritual Mastery and Ascension.

This work is the product of 20 years of spiritual purification and shows what reality is like once one is close to the end of one’s journey in the 3D – a follow up from Keys to Immortality and Insights from the Path of the Master.

It will also show a possible means of ‘leaving the Earth’ in the face of the danger of the collapse of human civilization (over-population, bio-sphere collapse, resource wars, etc) along with how to fully detach from the path of planet-wide death and destruction – using means such as advanced level dreaming technologies, karmic purification and a reflection on the deeper truths about who we are, what we are doing on this world as well as on the continuation of human life.

Philosophical reflection will show why humanity must continue in some form, albeit in a smaller number.
There is much of its culture, its way of thinking, its history and the experience of its collapse that must be preserved in some way in order that those experiences are returned to the God-head.

If all was wiped out, or if ascending humans forgot about Earth – everything that has ever happened on this Earth would be a total waste and there is not enough time in the Universe for similar species to keep reincarnating blind without any awareness anywhere within their Source awareness about past experiences that its brethren of the Godhead once had.